Freud teorias psycodinamicas

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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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Freud Psychodynamics theories

Carmen Kirkpatrick

Psychology 100

National Hispanic University

Professor Young

November 17, 2011

Freud psychodynamic theories

We could not function properly on a daily basis if our mind is not working as it best potential. Through the centuries human beings have been after understanding our psyche. Philosophers and psychologist have strived tofind out what, how, and why causes our mind to function the way it does. Our mind is an intricate part of us that defines our personality in each human being. Personality is very is a very important part of our human development. Our personality allows us to relate to others in order to have fruitful relationships and have a successful life.

I will be taking about Freud’s developmental theory.Psychodynamic theories state that unconscious processes primarily determine personality and that personality is heavily influenced by experience (Morris and Maisto, 2009, p.281). Sigmund Freud (1856- 1939) is the best known and most influential of the psychodynamic theorists. Freud stressed the unconscious, the ideas, thoughts and feelings of which we are not normally aware (281). His ideasformed the basis of psychoanalysis, a term that refers both to his theory of personality and to the form of therapy that he invented (281). Freud’s theory makes sense to me because I often find myself doing, thinking or having feelings unconsciously of past life events and sometimes I have no control over repressing those events . Freud’s personality theory is formed around these structures: the id,the ego and the superego. The id is the only structure present at birth and it is completely unconscious (281). Unconscious urges and desires; operates according to the pleasure principle. One personal example of id in my daily life is when I smell food that I like and had already ate, I start imagining that I am eating that particular food and I want it. In this example, of my id, I want to obtainimmediate pleasure and to avoid pain by not having to wait until the next meal to have it.

The id’s link to reality is the ego (281). The ego operates partly consciously, partly preconscious and partly unconsciously (281). The ego learns about the external world through the senses (282). The ego helps fulfill the id’s wishes. The ego operates by the reality principle, where it seeks tosatisfy the id impulses safely and effectively in the real world (294). For example, when I am hungry, my ego will attempt to determine how to satisfy my hunger effectively and safely. The ego is the psychic mechanism that controls all thinking and reasoning activities (281). According to Freud, I would be a selfish person if I only have and id and ego (283), and makes me think about people that I knowthat are very selfish. According to Freud, “Fully adult behavior is governed not only by reality but also by the individual’s conscience or by the moral standards developed through with parents and society” (283). He called our moral conscience, the superego. Then if in order to fulfill my hunger brought up unconsciously by the id, then the ego comes into place to discuss the physical need that Iam experiencing and wants to make sure that I delay satisfying the id’s desire until it can do it safely.

It is then that the superego comes in and makes sure that it is a conscienfullly and morally fine for me to go ahead and indulge in food to quench my hunger. In a perfect world our id, ego and superego will work in accordance with the ego to satisfy the demands of the id in areasonable and moral manner that is approved by the superego (283). When our id is dominant, our instincts are uncontrolled and we are more prone to endanger ourselves and society (283). When our superego dominates our behavior, is checked constantly and we may judge ourselves too strong or too quickly (283). In my personal example, I think that my id is more dominant because I wanted to lose weight...
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