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Method of cooking that takes place on a grill heated by coal or electricity, leaving the original brand grilled

Cooking at medium heat, basting with fat product, can be done in the oven or combo.Cooking method that takes place in a pan, heating the product in motion, or turning.

Process of dry-heat cooking without fat or liquid. is done in the traditional oven.

Cooking methodsubmerged in oil. takes place in the fryer with constant or rising temperature.

Process exclusively with high heat cooking. takes place in the salamander.

Cooking method that takes temperature of 65 °to 80 ° C, to protect the product.

Cooking process for vegetables, fruit, bones, meat and seafood.

Method of cooking at boiling point. is performed in water or in a fund, covered or uncovered.The steaming process that can be done with pressure or without pressure.

Method of cooking on the stove over low heat with little liquid in a deep frying pan without lid.

Cooking process isperformed after braising.

Cooking methods with little liquid in the oven and cover with medium heat.

Metodo de coccion que se realiza sobre una parrilla calentada por carbon o electricidad,dejando la marca original del parrillado

Proceso de coccion con calor medio, bañando el producto con grasa, se puede realizar en el horno o en el combo.

Metodo de coccion que se realiza en un sarten,calentando el producto con movimiento, o volteandolo.

Proceso de coccion con calor seco sin grasa ni liquido. se realiza en el horno tradicional.

Metodo de coccion sumergido en aceite. serealiza en la freidora con temperatura constante o subiendo.

Proceso de coccion esclusivamente con calor fuerte. se realiza en la salamandra.

Metodo de coccion que se lleva a temperatura de 65° a80°C, para proteger el producto.

Proceso de coccion para verduras, frutas, huesos, carne y mariscos.

Metodo de coccion a punto de ebullicion. se realiza en agua o en un fondo, tapado o sin tapa....
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