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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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The best gift
Have you realized how many miracles you witness every day? Every day we wake up and experience many normal things, but have we thought how amazing they are? The love between amarriage, the charity of people, the generosity of others, the sunset, the animals, the nature, the moon. We have learned most of what we know today thanks to our sight. This is why the best gift I haveever received is the vision. I do not realize how lucky I am for being able to see and take it granted every day.
Firstly, you may be wondering why did I choose the vision. Being able to see is a giftnot everybody has received, I am not only talking about blind people, I am also talking about the ones who can see but take it granted, the ones who do not realize the many miracles and beautifulthings we witness, the ones who cannot use it as an advantage to see all positive things happening in the world, but instead they are just realizing all the negative things. Having a wide vision is oneof the biggest advantages anyone can have.
Secondly, thanks to our vision we have learned most of what we know today. They have told me several time that the best way to change or teach something isby giving example, this can only by accomplished by having an open vision. To differentiate between right and wrong, to gain all the knowledge we have now, to appreciate the nature, being able to helpothers, this is everything thanks to our vision.
Thirdly, with vision you have many ways of taking, seeing, or appreciating things. For instance I have always remembered an example my sister gave me.Imagine a glass of water until the half, you can say it is half full or half empty that depends on how positive or negative you see things in life. Being able to see things positively in your lifeis the greatest benefit you receive from having vision.
To sum up, the best gift I have ever received is the vision and in my opinion we should all take advantage of the great benefits we receive...
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