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product benefit: security

This Guide provides the latest design information and technical data on thesecurity performance of laminated glass fabricated with Saflex protective interlayer.

The Solutia Architectural Team developed the Security Glazing DesignGuide to provide facility designers and security professionals with the latest design information and technical data on the security performance of laminated glass fabricated with Saflex protective interlayer by Solutia Inc. In security applications the ability of glazing products to resist blast waves and fragments from bomb attacks, penetration from ballistic weapon assaults, or forced entry incriminal attacks can be as important as its more conventional architectural roles, like structural, solar and acoustical performance.* This Guide provides a technically sound basis for integration of the special security properties of laminated glass into the complete architectural design for residences, commercial, industrial, and high-security facilities. These security properties add specificadditional elements of performance to glazing systems while ensuring that all of the functional and aesthetic properties of architectural glass – which have led to its widespread use in modern structures – are retained. Throughout this brochure, numbers appearing in parentheses in the text refer to references listed on pages 46 through 48.

This Guide was revised with theassistance of Mr. Peter Draghetti, Laminated Glass Consultant; Dr. Ronald J. Massa, Lorron Corporation; and Dr. H. Scott Norville, Glass Research Testing Lab (GRTL) at Texas Tech University as well as engineering, technology and processing experts at Solutia’s Performance Films Technological Center. Ballistic, main-force entry and residential security testing of the glazing materials were conducted atH.P. White Laboratory Inc. and ETC Laboratory. Airblast testing was conducted at GRTL and Waterways Experiment Station. Solutia gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the many individuals and other organizations not specifically mentioned who made the development and revision of this Security Design Guide possible.

* Another publication by Solutia Inc., A Guide to the StructuralPerformance of Laminated Architectural Glass With Saflex Protective Interlayer , published in 1999, treats the structural performance of laminated glass in architectural applications.


Security Glazing Design Guide

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Introduction to Security Glazing

Designing for Personal and Facility Security Applicable Codes and Specifications Organization ofthe Security Glazing Design Guide Security and Safety Considerations in Facility Design What is Security Glazing? Can Security Glazing Be Created Without Saflex® Protective Interlayer and Glass? What is Expected of Security Glazing? Laminated Glass Specifying Laminated Glass Laminated Glass Strength Designing with Security Glazing

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Special Properties of Security GlazingBurglary and Forced-Entry Resistance Burglary Resistance Burglary-Resistant Security Glazing Forced-Entry Resistance Forced-Entry Testing of Security Glazing Forced-Entry Performance of Security Glazing Ballistic Protection Ballistic Attack Bullet-Resistant Security Glazing Testing of Bullet-Resistant Glazing Performance of Bullet-Resistant Glazing Bomb-Blast Resistance Bomb-Blast AttacksOverview Properties of Security Glazing to Resist Bomb-Blast Attack Basic Principles of a Bomb Blast Bomb-Blast Testing of Security Glazing Bomb-Blast Performance of Security Glazing Electronic Security Definition Electronic Security Glazing Performance of Electronic Security Glazing

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Comparative Evaluation of Glazings

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