Global citizenship

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  • Publicado : 1 de febrero de 2012
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Global citizenship is a responsibility feeling or a disposition to understand different situations that affect the life in the world. Aglobal citizen is someone who respects the diversity, doesn’t like the injustice, contributes for community welfare, protects the environment and understands the world operation. Someone who has theprevious features is a person who understands the world and because of that, is a person who is capable to change the world looking for a public welfare. Then, global behavior is to think about thecommunity instead of the individuality, the social welfare instead the individual welfare.

An economist is a studious of the business and welfare. Some economists are researching about the welfareeconomy. This branch is intending to approach the monetary welfare to the justice concept to help economics policymakers to find equity on the goods allocation. Because of that, an economist has theresponsibility of take care of his decisions in order to achieve his welfare goals for the world. Concluding an economist is a cornerstone in the global citizenship, because has the mission of join theinternational thought around the general welfare consecution.

I’m a global citizen, I’m an economist and I have to be responsible of the world. I've been studying economics since January of 2010,and I have learnt to analyze the big picture of an economy with the text books. But, even if I were not a student of economics, it wouldn’t be so difficult to realize that resources are not evenlydistributed. From Colombia to China, we can see the inequality of the allocations. As a world citizen, I have to study, to finish my career and to research how I can work for more equity in the world.Finally, my contribution to the welfare of the world as an economist is to study and never forget that inequality is a problem to be solved. And my contribution as an global citizen is to make more...
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