Global warming

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State of Arts

The human have done great advances in so many areas related to technology, practically it never stops. Is impossible to say that "everything that was needed to do has be done" because every day, we the humans, create something new and innovative in order to satisfied our lives. Now create new things constantly is not the problem, the real problem is all the polluting gases andtrash from those industries that contaminates the Earth since industrial revolution. All this contaminating gases warms the earth causing greenhouse effect and Global Warming.

Great advances in civilization and technology without taking care environment has caused several changes on earth putting in danger many lives as well as the earth.
Why industries are so influential in earth'scontamination? Because industries leave too many polluting chemicals and gases. The most harmful are these contaminative gases called carbon monoxide. This gas does not come only from factories and industries, automobiles are the machines that produce more Carbon monoxide and responsible of producing more contamination to the planet. This gas besides to be toxic for humans it also affect mostly the earthmaking it warmer creating the greenhouse effect and global warming. the way of how Co2, Co, and other gasses affect earth is the following: the gasses emitted by humans reach the ozone layer and remain in there, the radioactive sunlight IR and UV gets to earth (this sunlight’s heats the earth). Some of the sunlight bounces back toward the universe, but some remaining sunlight gets trap by this gassesmaking earth warmer than should be. That's the reason why industries and even more vehicles affect earth's environment, not to mention the cost for fixing this contamination.
Solving the pollution issue has been discussed several times, but all these debates have fall into this answer: too expensive.
Solving global warming means a threat for many jobs and a great loss of money. So mankind hasexpanded in technology but has completely forgotten about the care of our planet and because of that is not only an environmental issue but as well is a financial problem.
The cost for industries to not produce so toxic gases, as well as the recycle industries are very high leaving a high spends of money. Tree fellers are threatened of been out of job because felling trees is a huge damage forearth but many people have this job.
As consequence, fix the ozone layer and earth's environment will mean a great spend of money but is a necessary spend for the irresponsible care of human with earth.

State of Arts

The Greenhouse Effect

Global warming is a set of many environmental disorders, a chain that comes from a diverse of pollution disorders caused by the human that then becomes acatastrophe for earth and mankind. The major problem that reachs the top of this chain is the greenhouse effect that is strongly related with the global warming problem, in fact there is no global warming if there is no greenhouse effect.
Ultraviolet and infrared rays go directly to earth (this sunrays heat earth) after these rays hit the earth, they go toward the atmosphere and then to outerspace. But not all these sunrays go out to space, instead of that, the rays gets trap by contaminative gasses located in the ozone layer. This gasses gets trap in the ozone layer, as a result this gasses keeps the Ultraviolet and infrared sunrays and makes warmer the earth (more than should be). This environmental phenomenon is called greenhouse effect because, in fact, it acts like a greenhouse overearth.

Three main compound elements are responsible for causing this effect. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Nitrous oxide (N2O) are the gasses that remain in the ozone layer and absorb the UV and IR. Is important to mention that greenhouse effect and global warming have always existed because these gasses can be created in a natural way. For example the gasses that expelled after...
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