Grandes eventos

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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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Big events
The world has many celebrations, a lot of them are small events where only a little part of a certain region in the world knows, but others celebrations are events wheremore than fifty thousand people assist, whether these persons live in the city, state or country where is the event or the persons had to travel thousands of kilometers of many parts of the world onlyfor take part of the celebration. These kinds of celebrations are very awesome and incredible, these events are knows how: “big events”.
In all the world we can found “big events”, these events can beparties, food contests, races, carnivals, commemorations of revolutions and independences, unusual and strange festivals, and a lot of more kind of events in all the world.
*Brazil Carnival:This is an annual event that takes place in Brazil forty days before “The Easter” and consists in a large procession of persons with many and extravagant costumes walking in the streets. There youcan found laughs, uproars and an atmosphere charged with emotion.
*Hanami: The Hanami or “Flower viewing” is an old Japanese tradition dating from times of the “Nana emperor”. The Hanami is celebratedto ends of March to early to April, and consists in view the beautiful cherry blossoms and go to excursions and picnics.
*Independence´s day of Mexico: This is a commemoration of the liberation ofthe Mexico from Spain. This event is celebrate each 16 of September in all Mexico, any person works this day, do honor to the flag and make a procession.
*San Valentine’s day: This celebration iscommemorated each fourteen of February in all the world and in essence the celebration consist in that the lovers
swap little presents how example of their love, these gifts can be chocolates, flowers,cards and many details.
*Hanal Pixan: Is a Mexican tradition to consist in remembering the dead people, people who aren’t longer with us. The popular tradition says that the 31 of October, 1st and...