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Customs and traditions Guatemala

traditions in Guatemala have become, as well as a tourist attraction, a wide field of analysis. The Guatemalan population inherited from the Mayans,ancient local inhabitants, the main aspects of their way of life, productive activities, language and religious beliefs, while with the arrival of the conquerors that legacy was modified by the introductionof European values and forms.
Despite the cultural loss that meant the conquest of America to European hands, Guatemala has the gift of being one of the places where most Aboriginal identity waskept. Of the 29 Mayan languages that existed 20 can still be heard on the lips of the 6 million indigenous people in Guatemala.
Currently, one can observe two distinct population groups. Those that haveadopted habits, modern, as well as the Spanish language as a principal language beliefs and fashion, usually associated with an image of urban inhabitant; and those who live on the outskirts, villasor regions where preserved their customs and traditions.
Striking in the villas are particularly the colorful costumes, magnificent crafts and sports, cultural or religious celebrations are alwaysheld to the beat of the marimba. Also, all social meeting becomes large given the expanded concept that Guatemalans have family. Members of the same family live near each other and children come totheir parents for advice and assistance throughout his life.
Customs and traditions Guatemala

Guatemala culture
Guatemala owes its name to a word of nahuatl origin, the language with which thetlaxcaltec mercenaries who accompanied the conquistador army of Pedro de Alvarado perhaps referred to these lands. According to philological studies Guatemala means "land of forests" as a sort ofnahualización of the k´iche´ concept, but in the relationship of Santiago Atitlán in 1572, to express question, the main tzutujiles spoke the name of Guatemala referred to the main nawal of the kaqchikel...
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