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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Campus Santa Fe
Melissa Hernández
Miguel Ángel Yescas
Irina Lotkova
A Special Reporto on Latinamerica
1. In Latin Americademocracies face 2 main threats, incompetence and autocracy. It is an example argument because of provides examples of these threats in different Latin American countries.
- Supporting evidence(incompetence): “institutions often do a poor job of protecting the rule of law, providing effective government and advancing the rights and freedoms of citizens.” Democracy is incompetent because it doesnot recognize its citizens rights.
- Supporting evidence (autocracy): “Mr Chávez has turned Venezuela’s courts into a tool of the executive. Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, has abused his powerto rig both municipal elections and the Supreme Court. Ecuador’s Mr Correa has tried to muzzle the media, and the Kirchners in Argentina have used the presidency to bully opponents in business and thepress. Yet the leaders of the region’s main powers have stayed silent about these abuses.” Presidents that become dictators by using their power for their own benefit.
2. Political parties inLatin America are now weaker because of public opinion and competition. It is a cause-effect argument because there is a direct relation betweenthe weakening of the political parties with the increasedcompetition and public opinion, it is the direct effect.
- Supporting evidence: “Decentralisation has brought waste and corruption in some places, but in others it has produced better urban management.That is important: 15 big cities generate more than half of Latin America’s GDP, says McKinsey’s Mr Elstrodt.” Corruption has caused popular discontent so alternative political parties have emerged,providing more variety and competition.
3. The possibility of the lower middle class becoming a force favoring better governance, stronger democratic institutions and the rule of law. Argument...
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