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1. [pic]WORD:identical
MEANING: Being the same
SENTENCE: zack and cody are identical twins

2. WORD:lifestyle
MEANING: suggestive of a fashionable or desirablelifestyle [pic]
SENTENCE: I like my lifestyle

3. WORD:hunting
MEANING: The activity or sport of pursuing game.
SENTENCE: I like going hunting

MEANING: A number that typifies a set of numbers of which it is a function.
SENTENCE: the average IQ is 90

5. WORD:researcher
MEANING: Scholarly or scientificinvestigation or inquiry
SENTENCE: im a researcher

6. WORD:inheritace
MEANING: The act of inheriting

7. WORD:influence
MEANING: A poweraffecting a person, thing, or course of events,
SENTENCE: My parents considered my friend to be a bad influence on me.

8. WORD:twin
MEANING: One of two offspring born atthe same birth.
SENTENCE: he has a twin

9. WORD:coincidences
MEANING: a state or fact at the same moment
SENTENCE: it’s a coincidence to be here with you.10. WORD:astonishing
MEANING: causing great surprise or amazement; astounding
SENTENCE:he astonished with his surprise

11. WORD:nurture
MEANING: Something thatnourishes; sustenance.
SENTENCE: nurture a student's talent.

12. WORD:scar
MEANING: A mark left on the skin after a surface injury or wound has healed.
SENTENCE:Ihave a scar on my hand

13. WORD:tonsillectomy
MEANING: surgical removal of the tonsils
SENTENCE: the dentist do me a tonsillectomy

14. WORD:outgoing
MEANING:Going out or away; departing
SENTENCE: an outgoing passengers train

15. WORD:headache
MEANING: A pain in the head
SENTENCE: I have a headache after drink cold water
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