Historia de la moneda.

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Between 9000 A.C. -6000 A.C. the exchange began, that is equivalent to the money which we used at the moment. They began with:
The domestication of the cattle, the culture of harvests specially the vegetal products as cereals and great variety of articles as they could be (lances, shells, necklaces etc.). The cattle is probably the oldest form of all the forms of money. The wine also was usedlike money in many civilizations.

One of the most important steps of all was the one that occurred in period c. 3000 - cs. 2000 A.C. with the creation of the Babylonian bank since they provided safe places for the storage of value objects. Initially, the grain deposits are accepted and later other goods like cattle and precious metals.

Already in 1200 A.C. in Chinese they began to also usekauri shell of snail as change currency kauri very had an extended Chinese use not only, but in Africa, India, the islands of the Pacific, in America and even, in Europe, since it has been discovered in some Anglo-Saxon tombs of England

Later in years c. 1000-500 A.C. it was used as currencies, tools as they could be shovels, hoes and knives. This odd habit also began in Chinese since thesemetals were accepted in the interchanges

Between these previous dates we were placed in the year 687 A.C. with (crude) “the invented currencies” in fight (according to herodoto)
Herodoto it also criticizes the gross commercialism of Lydians, that not only are first in coining currency, but first in opening permanent stores.

The use of the currencies propagates quickly from Lydia to Greece (c.595 A.C.), Athens (c. 575 A.C.) and Corinto (c. 570 A.C.) begin to coin their own currencies. Before the introduction of the currency, Athenians had used the iron like the substitute to the money.

the last important events that we would have to mention before beginning to count D.C. it goes up to around on the year 125 A.C. and we located ourselves in Chinese, who dealt with pieces of skin ofwhite red deer, on a square foot, with a value of 40.000 in cash another important fact that we must mention is the one of July to stop since in one from its expeditions to Great Britain she commented that the British continued using like change currency the leaves of the swords and that some tribes Celts began to coin their own currencies in (gold silver and bronze) the last gathered data andfirst they date from the 30 A.C. - 14 D.C. with the empire to stop Augusto it carries out reforms in the monetary system like in the systems fiscal, emission of a new gold currency, almost pure and silver currencies, of bronze and copper also it introduces three new taxes: the general tax to the sales, a tax to the Earth, and a tax to as much cash settlement.

Now we will begin to see a new way tocreate currencies to coin them etc.

When Claudius died in year 54 D.C nerón ascended to the throne like their immediate successor.
Nerón became therefore emperor to the 16 years of age. The actions of nerón were directed to improve the economic situation of the poor men. When these cried out that too much they were become indebted, nerón tried to countermand all the indirect taxes but itcould not since it was a too extreme measurement, but under the taxes from 4.5% to 2.5%.
In addition, the tributary registries happened to be of public dominion and, with the objective to reduce the cost of foods; it established that the merchant boats were left extents to pay taxes. Also it degrades slightly the gold mining and silver.

Between the years 240 D.C. and 270 D.C. the content of silverof the Roman currencies has been reduced to 40% and the content of silver of the Roman currencies has been reduced to only 4%.
Of the years 270 D.C. to the 275 D.C. the empire of Aureliano coins gold currencies that it had collected in his Eastern conquests but this caused that the nominal value raised by twice, this reform brought the increasing inflation.

284 D.C take the reins from the...