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  • Publicado : 5 de mayo de 2011
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For many years, collecting trash in the City of Panama had been one of the fundamental problems. The state company in charge of the collection had administrative problems andthese impacted on the quality of the collection. In 1999, the central government transferred the collection company metropolitan municipalities working.

Problem Description

Panama City produced 17,000tons of garbage a month in 1999.Today it produces 30.000 tons of waste per month (Includes Arrijan Districts and San Miguelito), which were inefficiently collected by accompany short on itsinvestments, with a poorly trained staff and poor organization. Garbage is piled in the streets, people were standing complaints and hygiene of the city was so bad that there were foci of infection in several places.Caused for the accumulation of trashed.


In two years of this administration has made ​​Panama into a neat and clean city, has restored health to manycommunities, thanks tointensive grooming policy. This achievement is the product of more than 8.5 million Dollars invested in the Directorate of urban and household of the Mayor and Panama, the highest in history dedicated tothis line.

Much of this figure has been designed to optimize the Cerro Patacón landfill where it has invested 5 million Dollars in works including the construction of a vat of waste at a cost of 1.2million Dollars.

The remaining 3.5 million Dollars has been invested in the acquisition of 3 backhoes, 6 collection trucks, 2 mechanicalsweepers, 14 pick up, 3 dump trucks, 3 trucks roll on-roll of"(System of wagons) 3 bikes, plus 24 tubs of 30 yards, 510 tanks of 2.5 yards, 84 of 770 liters, 4 liters and 200 thousand paper of 50liters.

Results Obtained

Observed improvement in garbagecollection, services provided and the evaluation of the population in relation to work. Several surveys conducted by independent agencies in the municipality indicate that the population welcomed the...
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