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History of ThemeGenCE versions:

version 1.6.0

· New Format for Themes in QVGA and in VGA with different images for Portrait and Landscape mode.
· On WM5 page, if PDA OS is Windows Mobile 2005 and PDA connected with ActiveSync, a new panel is showed in the upper part of the page with 2 checkboxes :
· PDA Interaction.
· Restore.

With this you can see directly colours choicesof main page and BaseHue on PDA.

· A new full Help (In English !), shows improvements for the above two points.
This Help is now in 32 bits with file extension .chm, ( hlp are in 16 bits). Chm files contain compiled Html. They are easier to maintain than hlp.
Right click on many items of the program calls context help.

See absolutely this help !

version 1.5.5

· Correction of a bugin page Key + for color 34. If you went by this page and the checkbox was not checked the program saved theme with color 34 and a garbage value.
· Improvement in page of PDA Infos if connected with ActiveSync. In System Colors you see now ShColor (SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Color\SHColor) and SysColor (HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\ SysColor) . On MouseMove on a color a hint explain it.

version 1.5.4

· Programverify when loading Theme that format theme is adapted with image sizes. If no, there is an alert followed by positioning mouse cursor on the Options button to adapt theme.
· Quick view in real sizes of images if you click on miniatures of the main page.
· For Easter, 2 "Easter eggs" on Preview page, showing a famous poest which birth place is also the birth place of this program. Find them !
·Better preview, depending on theme format :
§ In main page
§ In Preview page with a PDA skin. Double click on buttons of the skin to have options : Portrait, Landscape, BaseHue, Start.
· Now you can select with checkboxes the color keys you want to save with the theme:
§ One checkbox for each color
§ 2 new buttons for Select or Deselect All these CheckBoxes.
§ This allow you to dothemes like « Bulles de Goyavier » (Guava Bubbles) which have only two color keys declared. PDA chooses colors in registry «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Color\SHColor » if color key is missing. Program will do the same if PDA is connected by ActiveSync.

version 1.5.3

On Options page:

· Preset Theme Format added :
§ ThemeGenerator like (240x187 – 152x257)
§ Standard(240x293 – 239x292)
§ QVGA (320x293 – 319x292)
§ VGA (640x588 – 399x586)

On Preview page :

· Better prévisualisation depending on selected Theme format, with preview in Portrait and Landscape for QVGA et VGA
· With selected BaseHue
· With Start Image

On the main page :

· StatusBar added with sizes of Images and current Theme Format size.

On Keys + page :

· Color « 34 »added. Background Color for selected Item.

version 1.5.2

On the main page :

§ Addition of a new button, on the right, beside the image, calling a new page allowing a better preview of the pages:
o with a check box to show theme with selected or calculated dominant colour
o with a check box to show theme with the Start image

version 1.5.0

On the main page :

§ Additionof a check box UseStartImage:
o Makes it possible to make a topic with the only image "Start" which is thus used for two postings.
o The box is automatically unchecked if a "Today" is loaded
o Need to resize Start Image in Options so that it is sufficient for showing "Today" image.
§ Addition of a button in top on the right which makes it possible to visualize and savereconstituted file INF of the topic which has just been charged. That allows the users informed to modify it with a text processing to add or remove certain values and then to pass a "small blow" of Cabwiz to reconstitute a personalized topic.

On the page BaseHue :

§ Addition of a button "Keys+" in page bottom making it possible to visualize and/or modify keys specific to the topic in...
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