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  • Publicado : 18 de septiembre de 2010
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There was the time in which in England and France the nobility people was very rich and the others were very poor and they didn’t have anything, there were killings every day.
One nightMr. Lorry has to go from England to France because where he work, at tellson’s bank sent it for find the father of Miss Manettes. He waits for Miss Manettes in a Hotel in Dover for later go to find herfather that was with a friend of Mr. Lorry called Monsieur Defarge that has a wine shop in France. When they arrived at the wine shop there was the father of Manettes but he didn’t recognize herbecause when she was very young he goes to the Bastille, and there he stays for 18 years. Doctor Manettes finally know that Miss Manettes was her son.
Five years later Charles Darnay was submitted tojudge but he result no guilty with the help of Mr. Sidney Carton that was very similar to Darnay, Miss Manettes and his father and Mr. Styver. After the judge Carton and Darnay go to eat at a tavern.In France the Marquis St. Evremonde kills a boy in front of the wine shop of Monsieur Defarge because he likes to go very fast in the coach, and the boy was in the street when he passes so he outragesthe boy. The Marquis didn’t care of it and he go home. In the home of the Marquis, Darnay arrived because the Marquis was his uncle, but Darnay didn’t like the form his uncle trait the people so theyhave a big discussion and for the next morning the Marquis appears death.
Darnay escape to England and he change his nobility last name so no one can saw that he was a nobility man of France.One day Darnay pass to the Manettes house for talk with Dr. Manette, he knew that Miss Manette was no in home so he talk to the doctor about his love to Miss Manettes, but he had an inconvenient, thathe was French, but the doctor didn’t want to listen more because he was afraid of French people, so Darnay left the house. Two days later Carton also confessed his love to Miss Manettes.
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