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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2010
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Prelude to tragedy
The hands imprisoned her, they took her to the floor, facing down… She let go of the spoon that was a knife and panting hard she rose fromthe floor in tears taking them up with her. She screamed in agony as the blood poured down her wrist. As if she was being taken captive by the devil himself.Pushing away the ladies in the snow dresses… Pushing them all away, slipping away…
With the puncture of the needle… she floated away, she fell away…
Theycleaned the crimson from her, carefully not to hurt the girl.
As her breath slowed down, as they felt her slowly drift into a heavy unconsciousness they draggedher back into the engulfing white doom…
-Patient 13... Same symptoms. No change. Sixteenth week of the fifth year. I’m… I’m sorry sir.- The short hairednurse turned to face the doctor who seemed stoic, just no reaction to what they had just gone through.
-How long has she been this way Dr. Granger?- Asked thesecond nurse in the room, who carefully, as if the half asleep body could jump at any moment, covered her with a light blanket.
She muttered a mysteriouslanguage… between the entangled strange words a name was whispered…. Giovanni..
The nurse outside the room left disappointed to their attempt to reason with thepoor 25 year old.
-Since she saw the event… It’s been five years- he said, his voice shaking with pain, not matching the expressionless face. He shook his head.You could see a single tear rolling down his cheek mixing in with the sweat running down from his forehead to his chin. It dripped as more tears rolled
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