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  • Publicado : 17 de julio de 2010
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Faster wiring
The pCO 2 and pCO 1 series are fitted with plastic enclosures that guarantee high mechanical protection of the board and reduce the risk of electrostatic discharges due toincorrect handling. The quick DIN rail mounting feature reduces the time required for assembly and wiring. The plastic enclosures also allow the most complex controllers to be fitted with abuilt-in user interface featuring a 4x20 LCD, with 6 buttons and 4 LEDs. The inputs and outputs are separated, further reducing wiring time and protecting against electromagnetic discharge.Multi-standard inputs/outp

The inputs can be used with the most common and widely

industry standards (NTC, PT1000, 0-1Vdc, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vd

0-20mA, 4-20mA, ON/OFF). The PT1000standard means

pCO controllers can also be used in very high or low tem applications. Some models feature ON/OFF - SSR relay outputs.

H igh technology
black box

ProgrammabilitThanks to the high capacity of the flash memory and clock with battery back-up, all the alarm situations, the values of the sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity,…) and the status of thecontrolled devices (compressors, fans, pumps,…) can be saved, even for extended periods, just like a real black box recorder. A high performance 16-bit microprocessor guarantees high speed andefficient management of the interfaces and the expansion boards, including control of faster glitches. All the parameters are protected by various password levels (manufacturer, user …).programming key programming via modem

The exclusive Carel Easy Tools

development system allows rapid cu

made even simpler by the use of Fla

The software can be transferreddirec

or alternatively using an electronic “

Part of the software can also be upd on-site activation.

Flash memory

real-time clock

black box

alarms and comman via SMS

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