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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2011
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Recently, I realized that every day I meet new people who might make me a good time, amuse me or maybe, just make me a hard time and try to forget.I feel that I haverarely been able to sit down and think about what really apply to us friends, because as we have always there, we do not need anything else, just his presence.One day, I had afriend, a good friend, to whom I gave all my trust, which blinded me because I thought as I wanted, he wanted me too ... And it was not, and my other colleagues made me openmy eyes (those who never took into account) and opened my eyes and I realized it was true, then I just leaned against him, without thinking of all those lost in thosemoments.and when I started to open up to them I could understand what they really worth the Friends, then: Who does not like to call us to say only hello and how are we? Thatby opening our e-mail messages appear hundreds of them, just like us to tell us that well, or to send another unbearable chain of love, which is more than remind us of themall ... Our Friends.Is not it great that when turned years, we all remembered and displayed in our homes to wish a happy birthday and wishes to fulfill many more?That whenwe travel, they try to locate, because they think that we have lost, or do they simply lack.That when they want to talk to someone and tell them their greatest punishmentwe look to us! they trust us and feel that the help!What good is when we find a friend who says what he feels in our face, and speaks behind us, many times beinghypocritical, and maybe envious.It's nice to feel them there when we want to mourn, to laugh, enjoy a little more of our lives.What good is when our friends tell us last night
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