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Here are the qualities that determine the price of the diamond.
When you go online before buying a diamond, usually you find a chart that helps you determine the diamonds price, it’s called “The 4c’s”.
“The 4c’s” are 4 basic characteristics, which all start with the letter “C”, Carat (weight), Clarity, Color, Cut.
[It is important to notice before we start explaining all the characteristics,that the diamonds price is composed (for the most part) from all 4 together, therefore it’s possible to have a diamond which has a perfect quality but is of a very low price.]
“Carat” is the unit which is used internationally to measure the diamonds weight, a carat is 200 milligrams aprox. (lo busque) (0.0004409 pounds), and many times the professionals will refer to a diamond which is less theone carat in “points”, meaning 0.37 carats will equal 37 points ect.
It is also important to know that the bigger the diamond is the more expensive it is, not just because it’s bigger, but also because it’s more rare, so a 1 carat diamond will be more expensive then 10 diamonds which are weight 0.10 each.
It is also important to notice that 2 diamonds which are each of that weight 1 Carat each,can be in of 2 different sizes. Just like you can have 2 friends that weight the same, and yet one is taller than the other )because he is skinnier(, so to diamonds have diameter and height, and even if the diameter is the same it is possible that the height is different. Therefore the height and diameter have to be equal for two diamonds to be the same (this subject issue will be discussed morein the “Cut” subject).
The Carat unit is also used to determine the purity of gold, but we’ll leave that for later.( Karat with a “K” is used to determine the purity of gold, such as 10k, 14k, 18k etc..)
Now when It comes to the size of a diamond for an engagement, we recommend that you stay between ### and ### Carats,
The “Clarity” is probably the most controversial part of the diamondvalue, because it’s one of the main parts where you have to relay on the “Expert”.
The “Expert” looks at the diamond with a 10x loupe (a magnifying glass used by jewelers to properly examine a diamond), and uses his skills to establish(determine) the diamonds Clarity level.
Clarity is a very wide subject area which includes in it all kind of natural and in some cases unnatural defects that thediamond has comes with. In fact, the clarity in some cases helps the expert establisheing the authenticity of the diamond (after all no one is perfect, and if you are there is something fishy about you).?
So let’s start with exploring some of the Clarity possibilities and their consequences on the diamond value.
The diamonds Clarity is divided generally to the following groups: FL, IF, VVS1,VVS2, (VVS3), VS1, VS2, (VS3), S1, S2, (S3), I1, I2, I3.
This groups are divided in pairs (or in some cases in groups of 3), that is because the type or amount of the defects are with the same category but with small differences.??
The first group is the FL, IF “la cre’m de la cre’m”, beauty at its glory, nothing what so ever in the diamond, this might come as a surprise to you because all diamondare beautiful and clean, but the truth is that under 10x loupe you can see some defects which are not visible to the naked eye, therefore the FL, IF group is the most rare and therefore expensive one.
FL, and IF diamond have another special quality which started to rise lately, as well it’s being used by more and more people every day, and so fare is working great, we like to simply call it“Diamonds For Investment”.Investment Diamonds
In the last century our world experienced many extreme changes starting at the terrible tragedy is September 11 and all the way the stock market fall last year, many people lost their life saving and some lost the savings of many generations previous to them, the Dollar lost its heroism and disappointed many of us, so a new era started where people become...
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