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When somebody is going to a restaurant, this person expects some minimum services in order to satisfy his/her necessities.
The main necessities of a restaurant are mainly the food and beverage. Itis explained in a flower of services the principal supplementary services that a restaurant has.

* Information: it is related with the service hours, prices of restaurant, documentation, record,receipts and tickets among others.
* Order taking: It could be divided in three different elements, applications (memberships or subscription services), order entry (mail, telephone, email orwebsite order placement), and reservations and check-in (professional appointments or admission to restricted facilities)
* Billing: account activity or self-billing
* Payment: it could bedivided in three sections; self service related with electronic funds transfer or mail a check, direct to payee or intermediary as check handling or coupon redemption, and automatic deduction from financialdeposits as automated and human system.
* Consultation: personal counseling, tutoring in product use or management consulting.
* Hospitality: greetings, toilets, transport or security.
*Safekeeping: child or pet care, parking facilities or cleaning.
* Exceptions: special request in advance of service delivery, handling special communications, problem solving and restitution.The company chosen by us is Mc Donald’s, the international fast food restaurant. In the following flower of services will be based on this brand.

Comparing the core product between the standard andthe company selected it is found that every restaurant has determined the kind of food and beverage they want to serve, in this case, Mc Donald’s serves hamburgers.
About the supplementary services,there is a lack of elementary services in this fast food restaurant.
* Information: Mc Donald’s covers all the requirements.
* Consultation: waiters do not give advice to the customer about...
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