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13 Days

The cold war started in 1945 and finished in 1989. It was a war between two of the most powerful countries after the World War II. These countries were, Russia that in thosetimes it was call The U.R.S.S and the United States. But the movie of 13 days it’s a conflict that occurred in Cuba because they were letting the U.R.S.S. keep their missiles in there. And the problemstarts when some airplanes of the U.S. take some pictures of the missiles and they start figuring out what’s going on.

This movie was created to show the world how hard was the situationthat the United States was going throw, when they found out about the missiles in Cuba. Because the president had all the responsibility on his hands, because he knew that if he made the wrong decisionhe could start the World War III. The mayor problem was that the United States and Russia were two of the most powerful armies, besides they both had nuclear weapons. It was also made to educate peopleabout a period in time that was very important for the history world and that it wasn’t to long ago.

Well this movie is important because it was a huge conflict in which during 13 days theUnited States had to make a decision whether start a World War or not. And when you see the movie it looks terrible but I can imagine that it was even worst to have been there. Especially for thepresident because he had a lot of the military’s and people against him. This was because all the military’s were still mad because of what had happened in the Bay of Pigs, so now they wanted revenge atthe cost of millions of deaths. It’s important as well because as I said before is a part of our history, a part of where we come from, so of course we should care and know all of what happened.Limitations:
In my opinion this movie has only one main limitation. And it is that the movie was made by the U.S. so it only appears their side and what they suffered, etc. But they don’t put what...
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