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CH. 1 Section 1, 2 and 3 NOTES

August 3rd and 4th 2011
Chapter 1: Science of Chemistry
Section 1:What is Chemistry?

-Key Terms
* Chemical: substance that has definite definition
* Chemical reactions: process of changing/producing new substance
* States of matter: solid, liquid, gasand plastic
* Reactant: substance that participates in a chemical rxn
* Product: the substance that is produced in a chemical rxn
* Solid: definite volume and definite shape
* Liquid:definite volume and indefinite shape
* Gas: no definite volume nor shape

Physical: density, mass, volume
Chemical: reactivity-Chemical Equation
Qualitative (words)= carbon + oxygen produces carbon dioxide
Quantitative (symbols)= C + O2=CO2

-Critical Thinking
11. Explain why neither liquids nor gases have permanentshapes.
* Particles are able to move past one another
12. Steam is sometimes used to melt ice = physical change.
13. Mass can’t be created nor destroyed, so, it doesn’t change neither in chemicalnor physical changes.
14. a) emanation of a gas

August 5th 2011
Chapter 1: The Scienceof Chemistry
Section 2: Describing Matter

-Matter: anything that has mass and takes up space
-Volume: the space an object occupies
-Mass: amount of matter contained in an object-Weight: force produced by gravity acts on mass (9.81n)
-Quantity: a magnitude with size or amount
- Units: a quantity used as standards of measurements
-Density: a ratio of a substance in terms ofmass and volume

Table 2
(System of measurement)
-Length: meter (m)
-Time: second (s)
- Temperature: Kelvin (k)
-Amount of substance: mole (mol)
-Mass: kilogram (kg)

-Kilo 10^3...