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  • Publicado : 20 de octubre de 2010
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1. What did Ian need the money for?
Because he met a beautiful girl and he wanted to impress her by investing in some important hotels inCalifornia.
2. What did Terry need the money for?
Because a big shark lend him some money and terry lost it everything gambling so now he has to pay the shark.3. What else could Ian and Terry have done to get the money they needed?
They could sail the boat and start working harder in their clean jobs or they could ask forsome money to their parents.
4. How did Ian feel after the “job” was done?
He felt so normal, he forgot about everything and he continue with his life as If nothinghappen.
5. How did Terry feel after the “job” was done?
He felt so terrible, he got depressed and he wasn’t able to continue on with his life he feel so guiltyand so bad.
6. Uncle Howard says: “Family loyalty cuts both ways”. Do we have to support our family members no matter what?
no, in the real life nobody will carefor you as much as you care for yourself so I think that you can always help your family as long as it doesn’t bother you. Family is important but if helping it makes you dohorrible things then that is not family cause family helps you stay focus on the good road.

7. Why did things get out of control?
Because they were so desperateto have the money that they don’t really have time to think about all the consequences of the job.
8. What other ending would you have liked for the movie?
Iwould like the movie to end when terry give himself to the police and then ian reflexionate so he give himself to jail to and then they could said that howard was the bad man.
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