Hospitality management and venezuela

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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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Hospitality is a human value, it has been present since the beginning of times and consists in the action of giving hospice and help to the foreign and the most needed. It then evolved into moreorganized forms of lending a service and finally, into a commercial value. The industrial revolution took hospitality to a fast growth pace, not only because it became of commercial relevance did itdevelop fast, but also the fact that communications means were modernized, opening the opportunity to the common people to travel from one place to another, made imperative the existence of accommodationsfacilities. As a human value, hospitality has nothing to do with politic views, which means that socialism should not affect it; on the other hand, it could be important in any form of socialorganization. Anyhow, one of the most terrible examples of how politics most not be mixed with some values, is how the previous grand “Caracas Hilton” Hotel has become one of the least appreciatedaccommodation facilities in the city of Caracas, with standards more than inadequate for it’s category. The current government in our country has also been known to attack the catholic church, one of the biggestorganizations who are responsible for hospitality worldwide. In fact, it was pope John Paul II who said that "hospitality, enlightened by faith, can become love for your neighbor”. So, it’s not thathospitality shouldn’t be a part of socialist values, because it should by all means. But currently, the government hasn’t made evident that hospitality is one of their principles. So the challenge ishow can hospitality be introduced as a socialist value? And, how can it be taught to the population, so that it becomes a part of the Venezuelan culture? This could be very important for our country,principally giving our touristic potential. On the commercial point of view, socialism could open opportunities for small businesses to develop services fit for the public, but this could only be...
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