How can “a very short story” written by hernest heimingway reflect all american literature tradition?

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To set a relation between this story and all American literaturetradition I can say first "a very short story" is a meaningful and important work literature because reflects and shows a determinate American age, in which American people were in war, their country was ineconomic crisis. The author did an excellent work when he wrote this story and he could show us like the life was in this time.
Also this short story tells us about the human problems in the loveand describes us in detail the American context during the war, I can find a relation with all American literature tradition when the author described the scenery and situations in detail and thiselement has been a constant during all writers process in America especially in the early ages of it.
Other possible relation is the presence of religious fact; it is a one of the most important topicsto American writer due to the meaning of this within society, which have been changed after of colonization and trough of the centuries until nowadays. But the American believes always have influencedto writing.
This story also give us some elements to understand like First World War and economic depression influenced to writing and changed the society behaviors, the women had to assume new wayslife and they formed new relationships between genders. The author wrote about a woman and her couple’s problems at the same time he showed the society values, and their changes.
Loneliness isanother important topic to author because he in his work described this like a tragedy and an unhappy end. The woman protagonist is reflect of her society, in which people feel alone and cannot trust inany body.
The diseases in the end of the text are an important element because those are a symbol of the social preoccupations and personal problematic.
To conclude I think this literary work has...
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