Human traficking

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  • Publicado : 16 de mayo de 2011
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Position paper.

Good morning honorable chair, esteemed delegates, I am the delegate of Zimbabwe and I want to discuss the most important facts of Human trafficking in my country. Zimbabweis a source, transit and destination country for men, women and children trafficked. According to a report released by Zimbabwe Human Rights, traffickers are said to be preying on people,particularly women, who wished to leave the country without sufficient documentation.
Also women and children fleeing the political and economic problems in Zimbabwe are said to be the mostaffected group of people, over the years, after being seduce with the promise of jobs. A high number of this group has been forced into prostitution by a network of human traffickers. Traffickersuse victims mobile phones to call relatives of the victims demanding more money, or use the victim as sex or manual labor slaves. Some witnesses revealed men are forced into crime while womenare often forced to commit sexual acts with various men as payment, exposing them to deadly diseases such as Aids.

Zimbabwe's Interpol Office, the Department of Immigration, and theDepartment of Social Welfare coordinated victim assistance with South African authorities in ongoing cases during the reporting period. The government encourages victims to assist in the prosecutionof traffickers and offers foreign victims relief from deportation while they receive victim services and their cases are investigated.

During 2007, all my government-controlled radiostations aired an IOM public service announcement eight times each day in five languages during peak migration periods. In January 2008, the government signed a memorandum of understanding with theSouth African government for a joint project to regularize the status of illegal Zimbabwean migrant farm workers in South Africa's Limpopo Province and ensure them proper employment conditions.