Impuestos en africa

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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Governments all over the world have been borrowing money to establish good and safe economies to prosper .A loan is by law a set amount of money that will be borrowed and will be payed at a giventime. The established money will have a due date and interests are made in order so the debt will be eventually payed back .And in case they post pone it they money will be forever exponentially growing.In the real world, if a person establishes a debt agreement they can only abolish the debt if they declare bankruptcy, and still with bankruptcy the bank always reposes goods in order to carry outsome sort of punishment. If African countries cant repay their debts because of corruption of mishandle of the money they will have to declare bankruptcy and established good will be removed from theirpossession in order to repay their owed money(like natural resources or a piece of their territory).
Additionally to those points of argument if a established country goes bankrupt in order toabolish a debt of some sort, the country will lose their word and economic diplomacy all over the world, they will have no money,they will be bankrupt and no other country will be willing to risk theirmoney to rescue their economy with their past history of poor debt payment.
And if the country is doesn’t have the nesesary economy to pay up
This thinking has dangerous implications on aninternational level. Governments are always changing in democracies, but nations are expected to honour their debts. A crucial element in lending money is ‘contractor’s promise’ – the promise that the debt willbe paid back. If every new government could decide that it was not responsible for its predecessor’s debts then no-one would ever lend money to a country, as there would be little chance of repayment.Developing countries in particular still need loans in order to invest in infrastructure projects. Cancelling debt now would make lenders far less likely to provide loans on good terms in the...
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