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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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what is acne
acne is common problem which attacks young people.
how does it appear? the exact cause of acne has not been found.
but we know that it is produced by the sebaceous glands.
theysecrete an oil that changes to a solid white substance called sebum.
this sebum goes to the opening of a hair follicle and breaks out on the skin´s surface.
it is common to find blackheads inthe skin.
how do they appear? how do they form? dermatologists know that they are a mixture of sebum and skin pigments that have closed off a hair follicle, then, a White pimple (White head)appears at the skin.
Then, blackhead becomes something like an eruption thatmay contain bacteria.
It these lesions are not treated they will produce permanent scars.
As the exactsource of acné is not known, it is difficult to determine a treatment.
A diet high fat and sugar contributes to acné.
It means that you are not taking the nutrients that yourskin requires for a healthy look.
You must eat salads and bran and drink at least eight glasses of wáter everyday in order to get things moving so that your skin does not have to beattacked by wastes that the alimentary tract cannot handle.
You should know that a diet high in fat and sugar contributes to acné.
So if your diet is high in fat and sugar, stopit.
You should limit your fat intake, eliminate sugar and increase complex carbohydrates to 50 to 60 percent (60%), leaving protein at 20 percent (20%). This will produce a change inyour skin and you will be happy to have won the battle against acné.

¿Qué es el acné
el acné es un problema común que ataca a los jóvenes.
¿Cómo la ven? la causa exacta del acné no seha encontrado.
Pero sabemos que es producida por las glándulas sebáceas.
Que segregan un aceite que los cambios en una sustancia sólida blanca llamada sebo.
Este sebo sale a la...
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