Is advertising different from propaganda?

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Is advertising different from propaganda?

Model Case:
a. A commercial of a political party
b. They are communicating an ideological view use to convince the public of their ideas.
c.Advertising | Propaganda |
Involves marketing a product or service | Involves communicating ideas that can’t be bought |
Usually transmitted by social media | Usually involves politics |
Isusually creative | Can involve religion |
Its goal is usually to collect profits | Can involve competition |
Is persuasive | Can involve charity |
Can be printed | Can be communicated by socialmedia |

Contrary Case:
a. A commercial of recycled paper
b. They communicate the idea that by buying recycled paper you can make the world better and greener, they transmit it as anideological view. At the same time they are selling you a their product (the paper sheets)
Advertising | Propaganda |
Is usually effective | Usually focus in all individuals of a country |
Usuallytargets an specific segment of individuals | Requires time to be produced |
Can be repetitive | Requires specific techniques to be developed |
Need capital to be invested | Is usually visual |Can be developed by a specialized company | Can be recorded |
Can contain subliminal stimuli. | Is a tool used worldwide |

Borderline Case:
a. A charity commercial
b. In this caseadvertising is the same as propaganda because it has the objective to propagate social ideas and values to the public, and at the same time they persuade you to collaborate economically with them.
c.Advertising | Propaganda |
Involves time | Can be use to manipulate individuals |
Usually marketers are involve | Can be expensive |
Can use celebrities to persuade | Usually done close toelection days |
Can involve special effects | Is usually edited |
Can be a subject for students | Can change peoples points of view |
Can be an specialization | Is a tool to compete |

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