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 Service Management as a Practice  ITIL Service Strategy  ITIL Service Strategy Processes  ITIL Service Design  ITIL Service Design Processes  ITIL Service Transition  ITIL Service Transition (SACM)  ITIL Service Transition (Change and Evaluation)  ITIL Service Operation  ITIL Service Operation Functions  ITIL Service Operation Processes  ITIL Continual Service Improvement  ITIL CSIImprovement Processes

13 ITIL Mind Maps:

ITIL® 2011 Mind Maps
ITIL is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office. The Swirl Logo is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office.

ITIL is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office. This document can be shared internally.

ITIL - Service Management as a Practice
Facilitates outcomes without costs & risks Uncertainty of outcomeFunctionality Fitness for purpose What the customer gets Fitness for use Performance How service is delivered Economic value Reputation Customer Perception Core Enabling Enhancing Maintenance Prime customer contact Ensures delivery meets requirements Identify areas for input into CSI register / raise RFC's Communication with Process Owners Reporting & monitoring Accountable for delivery of serviceClassification Coordinated activities Performance driven Creates value for customers Process Defines roles, activities, guidelines Measurable Characteristics Specific Results Customers Responds to triggers Shown by Warranty Value to customers Utility Risk Sources Standards - ISO20000 Training and education Internal and external experience Research Industry practice - Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), FinancialServices Authority (FSA) Employees Customers Enablers Suppliers Advisors Technology Knowledge to achieve business objectives


Best Practice

Service Owner

Service Management as a Practice


Function Role

Specialised units Perform certain types of work

Responsibility within process or function Responsible Accountable One person

Defines Strategy, policy,standards Assists with design Documentation Audits Communication Input to CSI register Process manager Process practitioner Control RACI Model

Consulted Informed Clarifies roles and responsibilities

Process Owner
Owner Documentation Objectives Feedback

Set of specialised capabilities Provides value for customers via services IT service management

Service Management

Process ModelActivities Procedures Process Metrics Improvement Roles Enablers Capabilities Resources

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ITIL is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office. This document can be shared internally.

ITIL Service Strategy
Current state assessment target state definition Gap analysis Project estimation Projectconsolidation Roadmap Definition of roles Service portfolio, customer portfolio, customer agreement portfolio Demand management procedures, techniques and tools Interfaces between all service strategy processes and other processes Rules, policies, processes by which businesses are operated, regulated, controlled Designing the strategy Automation can affect performance Simplify processes


Understand flow of activities Minimise interactions Define the market and identify customers Understand the customer Quantify the outcomes Classify and visualise the service Understand the opportunities Define services based on outcomes Service models Core Services - deliver basic outcomes

Establish and maintain business relationships Ensure service provider can meet needs of thebusiness Assists business in articulating value of service

Evaluates, direc ts, monitors the strategy, policies and plans Evaluate Direct Monitor Establish responsibilities Strategy to set and meet objectives Acquire for valid reasons Ensure performance when required Ensure conformance with rules Ensure respect for human factors Service through collaboration Service through coordination...
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