John dewey, paulo freire and the postmethod pedagogy

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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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John Dewey, Paulo Freire and the Postmethod Pedagogy
One of the features John Dewey, Paulo Freire and the Postmethod Pedagogy have in common is that all of them are against the banking education.Dewey says that teachers are not in school to impose certain ideas or to form certain habits, but to assist students. He also mentions that, among the large amount of influences from social life, theteachers should select the ones that affect the child and then, help this child to find the best way to respond to these influences. The teacher gives students tools and encourages them to think bythemselves. Paulo Freire says that teachers should see people as active creator of culture and not as passive recipients of history. Freire mentioned the conception of banking education in his bookPedagogy of the Oppressed. He explained that students should not just receive all the information given by the teacher passively and then, memorize and repeat it. As Dewey, Freire defends that teachersshould stimulate the critical thinking. The Postmethod Pedagogy defends that a postmethod learner is an autonomous one, and consequently, should have present three aspects: academic, social andliberatory autonomy. One of the liberatory autonomy main characteristics is that it empowers students to be critical thinkers. To promote meaningful liberatory autonomy postmethod teachers shouldmotivate learners to investigate who the rules favor, reflect on who they are and on their social world, help them form learning communities and provide them opportunities to explore possibilities. Thisway, students will be prepared to solve issues they will find inside and outside the classroom. Another feature they have in common is that the learners' experiences must be considered. According toDewey, teachers should know the past experiences of students, their hopes, desires and main interests; this way, they would be able to guide the students to develop habits of reflection. Dewey was an...
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