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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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My name is Katherine Carrillo, I am 15 years old. My parents are Carlos Carrillo and Isabel Hernandez, they are merchants. I have one brother called Leandro Carrillo and one sister called Lorena Carrillo, my brother is the older and my sister is the younger.
My parents met in Otanche-Boyacá one mother’s uncle introduced them in a mine, they were friends for one year then myfather asked for her to be fiance and my mother pregnated at 13 years old, had to my brother at 14 years old, then 2 years later my mother againg was pregnat, on June of 1997 my father asked for to my mother to get married and 2 month later my mother pregnated at 18 years old.
Once upon a time in the Paternol Hospital the 18 of May of 1995 a beautiful girl called Katherine was born. To the 3 daysof a born give me my mom a smack because I wept much. To the 10 month born my first tosth and at one year to begin to walk I not learn to go on all fours, my parents costumes me of rabbit.
To the 2 years old begin (between) to kindergarten in Santa Barbara (Boyacá) with two cousins, made pre-school at 5 years old in Santa Barbara, when little like me much dance, in Christmas I was with my familyon the part of mother. Too made one a primary.
Afterwards my family and I return at Bogotá where made 2 of Primary in Tomas Carrasquilla School for the afternoon, my first friend in the school name is Paula Moyano, the teacher name is Stella Castillo. Us stay at house for the family of my dad. At 7 years old my parents purchased a house in Fontibon, in 3 of primary, to reach 8 years old my parentsgifts to my dress, writs, manikins, etc. made much friends some of they Alberto, Jenny, Paula, Jeison… the Christmas the family of my mom to come at Bogotá of visit.
In 4 of primary met to Jeimy time last your convert in my best friend. she is like my sister, her met all my life very good and I the life of her.
Jeimy little a little met my heart.
The teacher of 4 name is Angela, she is a veryteacher.
In 5 of primary I was 10 years old, my teacher name is Isabel, and I had much friends… the school Tomas is very good.
One a time in the school was a presentation in the school and the pass about ever.
I speaking with the teacher Isabel, she is very good, the time us made friends and I saw mourn.
Her teach me various things.
Even her and I are very good friend.
One a time I was visitan aunt and to stay in house her, ser night a cousin of my abuse.
And I not want speak of subject, Is subject forgetting for me.
In 1 of secondary all change: the atmosphere, the girls, the teacher, and the men’s. I me feel younger later of fell me the older.
In 1 of secondary I had my first fight against a girl by a friend, to remember laugh me.
In Fontibon too fight with girls by my sister.In 2 of secondary, me separation of my best friend, her stay in a different room I still. But equal follow speaking.
I was fight with my brother ugly in House, one a time blow me in front of all him friends and hurt me, memories that wept much.
In 3 of secondary a men’s bother me and my friends of Fontibon was to the way out of school to expect of my and they fight with the men’s that bother.Mean while in the school the men’s and a girl take me rabies, then last begin the problems, in the rest me remain in rectory for avoid fight, in the class of Systems a girl me begin a bother and in from of her teacher us fight hard, later the teacher us treat separate.
To the way out a group of girls me fight and a friends mine us involve in the fight, too us fight your hard.
When was all usfight to arrive the police and begin a run all, later a men hit me and us fight when a friend mine and your fight.
Then my parents put demand to men that hit me.
Later my parents decide to bring out of Tomas School,
I was a the teacher to learn me and ever to leave me only.

I not want way out of Tomas School, because I say that is my life and is true for my.
I too fight with the girlfriend...
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