Junk food

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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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I have decided to talk about this topic because, despite people always says: “ Yes, yes I know that junk food is bad for my health…” I consider that those people are not really concerned about whatthey say.
Junk foods are typically ready-to-eat convenience foods containing high levels of saturated fats,salt, or sugar; junk foods thus have little or no health benefits. Common junk foods includecarbonated beverages as well as alcoholic beverages.
In Today´s fast-moving world, people have less and less time to spend eating. It´s probably for this reason that junk food has become so popularand there´s no doubt that it is here to stay. Obviously, a diet of junk food is not the best thing for your health, particularly as it is high in satured fat, because that type of fat is associatedwith greater risk of cancer, and, apart of that, another side effect of consuming lots of junk food is that you are likely to gain weight.
However, not all fast food is bad for your health. Somehamburgers, for example, are very high in nutrients and low in fat, but only a few fast food restaurants prepare that kind of food and unfortunately there are a lot of restaurants which prepare junk foodwith lots of calories.
In fact it seems that you simply can´t get away from it. The best advice for those who cannot live without their hamburgers or chocolate bars, is to limit the amount of junk foodthey eat.
Another alarming thing about people´s lifestyles today is that while the amount of junk food we eat has increased, the amount of exercise we do might have decreased.
If young peoplehadn´t taken up the idea that speed means more excitement, maybe, they would have preferred the traditional food and turn down junk food. Some old people go to that type of fast food restaurants becausethey are stressed and they have no time to eat well, ironically if they had found time to exercise and improve their eating habits, they would have probably found that they were far better equipped...
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