La libertad

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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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La Libertad
La Libertad is the only Peruvian region that reaches all three Peruviannatural regions (coast, Sierra (highlands), and selva (rainforest).
Trujillo, the capital of the La Libertad Region, has a great geographical importance and a good location. It is the point wherethe Andes are linked to the Pacific Ocean, as a result of the direction the coasts follow. Santiago de Chuco and Otuzco comprise the Pacific hydrographic watershed, which give rise tothe Moche and Virú rivers, to the south, and Chicama River to the north.
As with other Regions of Perú, the La Libertad Region is separated into 12 Provincias. A Peruvian Region has as its head political executive a governor(governador), an elected official.
La Libertad covers an area of 25.5 thousand km2 and is neighbor to other regions including Lambayeque, Cajamarca, Amazonas, San Martin, Ancash, and HuanucoHistory
La Libertad has a history that goes way back to about 10,000 years ago. Very ancient cultures like Cupusnique, Salinar or Viru placed the foundation for what would be the cultural tradition inthe northern coast.
With the Mochica culture, political and state organization was born. This culture’s arts and aspects of life would be reflected on their abilities on goldsmithing and working withpottery.
This same region was the birthplace of another culture named the Chimu, who would later build the city of Chan Chan, from which they would organize their expansion along the coast. Thisculture was known for their advanced techniques on goldsmithing and irrigation systems. This culture would later be conquered by the Incas around the XV century.
When the Spanish came to conquer SouthAmerica, Diego de Almagro founded the town of Trujillo of Nueva Castilla.
Trujillo was the first city to declare its independence. Later because of their patriotic spirit they would change...