La reina del fraude

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Next, we have the script of the English project, which is about a talk show  for beautiful women and successful, this time interviewing a Miss Universe, a very sweet and innocent woman, which reveal great secrets of her boyfriend , a leading accountant who has illegal business, why pay a huge penalty.

In this script, show all the knowledgesacquired in class, and make practical use of them by the video performance in the elevisión program described above.


* Put into practice what we learned in class.
* Practice our pronunciation with the dialogs.
* Improving our gramar, writing a script for video


CHARLOTTE: Performed by Nathaly Moreno, is a Miss Universe, who has a line of restaurants in the worldand an accountant boyfriend, renowned worldwide for her beauty, but not for be very smart or prudent.
LARRY: Played by Danny Leon, a young journalist who has a talk show, and is characterized by his cunning to get Information.
FEDERAL AGENT: Performed by Nathaly Moreno, an FBI agent who listens to Queen's criminal revelations about the crimes committed by the accountnt.
MATHEW: Playedby Danny Leon, an accountant who has illegal business, with which he has made ​​his fortune.
NARRATOR: Voice of Nathaly Moreno, who tells how the story ended

“The Queen of the fraud "

LARRY (INTERVIEWER): Good evening everybody ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our show “PRETTY AND SMART DIVAS”, tonight with us there’s a beautiful woman our Miss Universe who has created a big imperium with her beauty,with us Charlotte let’s give her a applause.
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN): Hello, thanks for the invitation it’s an honor to be in your program, when I was born my mother told me that I’ll be a start and look at me now I’m on the top of Hollywood.
LARRY (INTERVIEWER): Ok, which was your dream when you were a child?
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN): Well I always dreamed to be a rich and powerful becauseI can’t be more beautiful and of course I always wanted to have a lot of friends so I’m inviting you to watch my new reality “Charlotte BFF”.
LARRY (INTERVIEWER): That’s very… sweet. How was your preparation to be a miss universe?
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN): Obviously I had a personal trainer, a personal chef, my own stylist and the best image consultant that father’s money could pay.
LARRY(INTERVIEWER): That’s fantastic and how was your intellectual preparation?
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN): After years of study I think that 10 finished my primary school and then high school, my daddy wanted that I were a business woman and he made me to do a huge grade… like 2 months about how to prepare vegetarian salads.
LARRY (INTERVIEWER): Wow, that’s interesting, and how was your experience on missuniverse?
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN): It was a wonderful experience, every day they told how pretty I am, and they offer me big “things” just to talk with them. I've known almost all hotels’ rooms; in fact I've met the man of my life there.
LARRY (INTERVIEWER): Oohh and who's that mysterious man?
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN): Of course he was one of the judges and he always supports me.
LARRY(INTERVIEWER): Of course! Now we know the reason of how do you won, and after won miss universe what did you do?
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN): I traveled for over the world with my boyfriend and I started my restaurant’s line of vegetarian salads and now I have one restaurant in every country.
LARRY (INTERVIEWER): Really? How’s that possible? There many countries in the world
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN):No, there aren’t many, just five, I have one in Europe, one in America other in Aifric and Oceania .
LARRY (INTERVIEWER): What a lovely girl, and How did you finance your business?
CHARLOTTE (BEAUTY QUEEN): Larry, everything has made thanks to my dear Matthew, my boyfriend have control of that business.
LARRY (INTERVIEWER): Oh so I suppose he’s the business manager.
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