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Sylvana Machado Topic
Tammy 23/10/11

Hamlet Paper Outline

1. Topic:Familiar Relationships
2. Introduction: - Talk about the two triangles that the novel have, that involves Hamlets internal and external conflicts.
* Write some context aboutthe relationship Hamlet has with the six characters that make part of the triangles.
* Thesis: Hamlet during the hall tragedy has to face different type of family ties,secrets ,obstacles and actions with his superficial feelings and acts with his hate and his madness toward the other characters, but deep inside he has a different view and adifferent perspective for the people closer to him that he seems to hate.
3. Argument 1: - Hamlet seems to hate his mother because he wants to defend the honor of his fatherbut he really loves her since she is his mother.

4. Argument 2: - Hamlets treats Ophelia as if he hates her because she is a woman and he relates the female gender withhis mother and this means betrayal and evil, but he really loves Ophelia deep inside.
5. Argument 3: - Hamlet hates Claudius since he took his mothers love and his fatherthrone.
* He really hates him because he can’t believe that he lied to the whole state just to be the king.
* Deep inside he just feels he took his throne.

6.Conclusion: -Hamlet has internal and external conflicts that he has to overpass and he acts the way he acts just to make the state know the truth.
- He ends having a conflictwith all the people that surrounds him because he doesn’t act as he really think but he acts as he needs to act to make what he wanted that was make the people now the truth.
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