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The last two decades of the mineteenth century were the time of the great mars boom, a period when, as an observer noted,”public imbecility and journalistic enterprisecombined to flood the papers and society wich news from mars” the boom Began in 1877 with giovanni schiaparelli´s Discovery of a network of straight lines on the red planet, which he calledcanalli, meaning “Groves”.when the Italian word was translated into english and other languages as Canals, the public Enthuasiastically reponded to the implication of the intelligent life,and men likeflammarion, lowell, and pickering developed elaborate theries about mars and its inhabitants. The nebular hypotesis indicated to those astronomers that the outermost Planets were the oldest because theywere the firs formed;the theory of evolution suggested that ,if life began on another world, intelligent forms would eventually be produced and,given enought time,creatures superiors to man would beevoulved The people of mars had to be just such advanced beings in order to have built the great systems of canals which conserved their aging word´s diminishing supply of water.
Writers turned outdozens of romances incorporatingthe Idea that martian civilization surpassed our own. In those stories nationalism had long before disappeared on mars, and the planet was united as one world. Themartians were usually pictured as similar to the men on earth, though they were Physcally stringer and much more intelligent-only a feww stories described martians who had evolved into a nonhuman form.Forced by the increasingly adverse conditions of their older world, the martians brought science and technology to a Level of development which hovered before terrestrial men as a distant ideal.Spectacular advances were made in harnessing electricity and electromagnetic waves; radio, television, and instruments for viewing past events already realities. Submariens, airplanes, automobiles, and...
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