Learning as a shared responsability

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  • Publicado : 12 de junio de 2011
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All parents want their children to reach their full potential both academically and professionally. A challenging, high quality education combined with high expectations, hard work, and a verysupportive family is the perfect recipe for student success. Parents and teachers need adequate time to develop a partnership based on trust and honest knowledge of the student.

A Students learning as ashared responsibility
I think As a Teacher one of things we do not necessarily have control over is the parent’s involvement at home we know that is such an import key for students to be successful.It is not only the support they receive at school but having a parental support at home. So my philosophy is anything that we can do to get the parents more involved in the students’ academic life notonly makes the students more successful but make the family union more successful as well.
What do we have to do to be prepared for the academic parent teacher team meeting?
Provide parents witha very broad overview where the students are at, so they can have a better perspective of what they need to know to start helping as a responsible parent
To improve student academicachievement by increasing the quality and quantity of parent-teacher communication and interaction.
To implement a parent involvement model that is focused on coaching parents to become engaged,knowledgeable members of the academic team.
To establish high expectation agreements between teachers and families to optimize student learning.

Liaison Responsibilities
* Improve the quality andquantity of parent/teacher communication.
* Improve student learning through effective parent involvement.
* Create a family-friendly school culture.
* Increase meaningful parent involvement inthe school.
* Organize regular educational workshops for parents.
* Raise parent awareness of academic standards and standardized testing.
* Connect students with supplemental academic...
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