Lesson plan comparatives

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Lesson plan.

Date: July 31st Subject: English V Time: 60’ Number of SS: 34Topic: Comparatives Material: sticks, flashcards, tape, cd, tape-recorder
objective: SS will be able to use comparative forms to describe sports and people.Introduction
• Twill ask students some questions about the Olympics.
• What are the Olympic games?
• Where are the Olympics taking place?
• What Olympic sports can you mention?
• Once SS are intosports T will read the sports and ask SS if they know all the sports, then they will read the abilities and match the columns.
Soccer vs football
Is the sport played by two teams of 11 people with around ball.
Football in the US is a sport played by two teams of 11 people with an oval shaped ball.
Read the language notes. Differences between story and history give some examples.
Story:Cinderella, Pinocchio, etc.
History: Mexican independence, World War II
• SS will work in pairs with the person next to them.
• In pairs ss will read the questions and answer them. (2min)
• T will choose 3 sticks to read the questions aloud, SS will answer the questions.
• Make a list of related vovabulary. Using questions 3. (trophies, sports, tennis, sisters)
• SS will readthe text and answer 2b
• T will ask students to underline the comparative adjectives they must have 7.
• Check them. Using the sticks.
• T will paste flashcard with the adjectiveson the board.
• On page 49 ss will read the rules to make comparatives t will paste the flashcard with the rule and ask one SS to find an example from the text.
• T and SS will read thelanguage note double the consonant when it ends in vowel+consonant big bigger.
• In pairs SS will solve exercise 3b using the rules given before. They should do it in their notebooks.
• T and SS will...