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Spanish Class --
Señora Fernández


1. During Class:
* Be Respectful...of yourself, of others, of the school / classroom environment
* Be Responsible... bybeing prepared with Spanish folder, notebook, Index cards, pen/pencil and always have your homework ready.
* Be On Task...staying on task means using Spanish in class and working on Spanish, notany other subject or reading; it means not being afraid to make mistakes -- mistakes are okay.

2. Homework:
Homework includes written assignments and studying. It will be assigned every classand will be collected every class. Incomplete homework will not be accepted. When absent, students should check any assignments missed, and turn them in within one week of the absence. Each studentwill receive a homework grade each quarter, based on the number of assignments for the quarter.
* Homework should be done on a lined sheet with the proper heading.
* If you do not understandthe homework, you should write what part of the homework you did not understand.
* If you do not have your homework, turn in the “Tarjeta de responsabilidad del estudiante”.
* I WILL EMAILYOUR PARENTS every time you do not turn in homework.

3. Tests / Quizzes:
Unit tests will be announced a few days in advance. Frequent quizzes will be given throughout the quarter and may beboth announced and unannounced. Missed tests or quizzes must be made up within one week of the student’s return to school.

4. Notebooks:
Each student should have a notebook. Notebooks should becomplete, neat, and organized, including all class handouts. Notes, dictionary and verbs are to be done in different sections of the notebook. Be sure to include the date each time we take notes.Students will keep the Prayer Sheet inside their notebook at all times. Your notebook is to be used only for Spanish class. Notebooks may be assigned a test grade.

5. Grading:
Tests -...
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