Ley arizona

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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2010
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Ley antinmigrante de Arizona
Among other provisions, SB 1070 gives local police extraordinary powers to detain people, if agents have reason to suspect that this is illegal, a fact which some saywill open the door to racial discrimination.
According to a survey commissioned by The New York Times and CBS, 51% of Americans are in favor of the Arizona law, while 38% think it goes too far, andanother 9% believe that standard should be even stricter.
The standard requires the police to request the documentation to those who are suspected to reside in the country illegally, somethingthat critics believe the rule will lead to discrimination by race of the citizens of Arizona.
To try to defuse the opposition to the rule, the Arizona Congress adopted an amendment to the law onFriday that expressly prohibits discrimination based on race, but critics of the rule consider inadequate.
The poll shows a very public divided over what should be the country's immigration policy, andfew measures to raise the support of the vast majority of the citizenry. Among them include the notion that it should strengthen border control (78%), and also the need for a profound change incurrent immigration laws.
Specifically, 44% of respondents believe that the law should be reformed completely, while 45% believe that changes should be made "fundamental." Only 8% of Americans bet on anew law changes "minor." Something that also matches most of the respondents (57%) is that immigration policy should be on the federal level, and not the state or local.
However, when asked to over1,000 respondents what they should include the new changes are deep divisions, both geographical and political. A majority in the Northeast and West Coast, and among Democratic voters, is in favor ofa law that opens the way for the regularization of undocumented in the country. In contrast, in the South and the Midwest and among Republicans, most opposing the measure.
However, negative...
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