Leyes de exponentes

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For the Birds |
They went to a poetry reading, but they got bored and restless. As far as they were concerned, it was for the birds! They left during an intermission because they found thereading totally uninteresting and meaningless |

Make Ends Meet |
It's almost impossible trying to keep up with the high cost of living.It's true. Things are so expensive nowadays that it's very difficultto make ends meet.You know, even with Lucie's salary, our combined income is hardly enough to pay all the bills. |

Let the cat out of the Bag |
Bob was going to retire from teaching in June,and the foreign language department was planning on presenting him with some luggage at his retirement dinner. He wasn't supposed to know about it, but someone let the cat out of the bag. At the dinnerBob acted surprised, even though someone had told him what he was getting before the official presentation. |

Money talks |
We've been waiting for three months to get delivery on our car, andpeople who put in their order after us have already gotten theirs.Well, money talks. Why don't you try giving the dealer a little something extra to move things along ?I know full well that money hasthe power to influence people, but I refuse to pay extra for a service that is owed to me as a client.If you want to have your car maybe you'd better reconsider. |

Take the Bull by the Horns |Julie had always felt that she was missing out on a lot of fun because of her clumsiness on the dance floor. She had been putting off taking lessons, but she finally took the bull by the horns and wentto a professional dance studio for help. She was tired of feeling left out and acted decisively to correct the situation. |

Eating Someone |
Hey, Alice. What's been eating you lately ? Don't yourealize how rude and irritable you've become?I know. I'm really sorry for the way I've been acting.Well, why don't you tell me what has been bothering and upsetting you and maybe we can work your...
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