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The books come at a crucial time, as parents have been saying that their children have too much homework, and that the increased amount ofhomework is putting stress not just on the students, but on the families too. An article on says that since 1981, time spent on homework is up 51per cent.
Author Bennett agrees that too much homework hurts the whole family. “It takes away from family time, puts parents in an adversarial role withkids and interferes with the child’s ability to play and have other after-school activities.”
Historically, teachers and parents alike have historicallytouted homework as being necessary to the development of good study habits, to building character, to teaching discipline, and boosting achievement.These things may be true, but author Kohn notes that they have “never been demonstrated empirically.” Kohn cautions that homework is behaviorally conditioningour children to not think for themselves, to just be obedient and do what they are told. He also says that the point of education is to turn childreninto independent, critical thinkers that are responsible, happy people.

It acts as a practice, and so by doing your homework, youbecome better at what you are doing.
2) It lets teachers know if you understand the lesson or not, because they need to know how you are doing, it alsolet's you know how well you are doing by checking your answers.
3) It's an easy A. (TEACHER SAID)
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