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Boast and Drive or Drop
2 person drill for intermediate players

The Player in the back court can only boast. The player in front court can either drive or drop.The frontcourt player should use a short backswing, hold the shot, and flick the drives. If the player in the frontcourt hits a drop, the player who hit the boast must run forward to retrieve the dropand hit a straight drive. The player who just dropped then runs to the backcourt and hits a boast. Play continues with both players moving side to side and front to back.

Play game to 15 points.Keeping Wrist Cocked
Solo drill for beginners

In this drill you stand at the midline and hit volleys against the front wall. Focus your concentration on keeping your wrist cockedthroughout your swing. Use the rotation of your elbow, and the swing of your arm to generate power.
Drop - Drive
2 person drill for beginners

Player A hits drops from the backcourt. Player B hits straight drive from the front court. Ball must stay within 4 ft of the wall or point is lost. Play game to 15 points.

Alternative: Player A may let the ball bounce twice beforedropping to allow A enough time to get back to T before next shot

You can stop your momentum in a lunge and pop back to the T.
Crosscourt to Hit Side
2 person drill for advanced playersDescription:
Player A hits crosscourt to hit side at service line. Player B hits straight drive. Player A crosses over to other side and hits another crosscourt. (length is intentionally short on crosscourtto ensure that the ball makes it to the opposite sidewall before B gets there.) If the ball is too tight to hit a crosscourt, Player A can hit a straight drive. In this case, player B hits anotherstraight drive and A tries to hit the next one for a crosscourt.
Volley Rail Game
2 person drill for beginners

Players A and B exchange volleys along the sidewall. Volleys must go...
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