Lic. en educacion

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Steps’ guide (Excel) certification 2007
Convert text to columns – Data-Text to columns- follow the wizard
* Apply quick styles to tables –home-styles group-format astable-apply-table tools-design-table style options
* Modify pictures – Double click to the picture-Picture tools-Picture effects-search
* Use Count Function- Formulas tab- Insert function-Count* Copy a series – Home-Editing group- Fill arrow-series
* Hide and show rows and columns-Home-Cells group-Format-Hide & unhide
* Use advanced formulas –Formulas tab-insert* Move and resize graphic objects –Select the graphic object-picture Tools tab- size-height and width-modify
* Summarize data using functions (average)- Formulas tab-Insertfunction-(statistical-average-select ranges)
* Rules for conditional formatting-Home- Styles group-Conditional formating
* Custom format of the cell –Home-Number -Number arrow- Custom-Type (write thespecification)[blue]0”Text that you need”
* Delete duplicated data within a table—select the columns-Data- Remove duplicates
* Change the size of ranges –Formulas tab- Defined names group-namemanager
* Restrict data using data validation-Data tab- Data validation-Settings-chose the answers-ok
* Apply the feature for compatibility-Office button-Save as- excel 97-2003workbook-ok-Compatibility checker-select check compatibility when saving this workbook- select copy a new sheet
* Apply quick styles to tables (design) –Select the table-Format as table-Select the style* Find data using a formula –Formulas tab- Insert function-select sum if
* Vlookup and Hlookup functions-formulas tab-insert function-select VLOOKUP
* Calculate subtotals–Data-Outline group-Subtotal
* Mark workbooks as final-Office button-Prepare-Mark as final
* Save a book with enable macros –Office button- save as –Excel macro-enabled workbook
* Copy...
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