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In order to more effectively showcase your skills and abilities, we recommend making the improvements that we list below. If you need help making these improvements, the experts from cbResume are here. |
* Illustrate what you can do for the employer
* Use the top of your resume to emphasize your competitive advantage and most relevant skills. Make sure that your resume sells yourself tothe hiring manager in one glance.
* Don’t use 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person references
* A resume is a formal document in which convention calls for you to eliminate the use of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person references. A resume that is well put together shows professionalism and an understanding of appropriate word choice.
* Use action verbs
* A resume filled with action verbs gives theimpression that you are someone with a “can do” attitude. Your resume vocabulary sends a message of its own. Make sure that message isn’t that you are a passive employee, but a proactive one who will drive results.
* Put your best foot forward
* Your resume has only 10 seconds to make an impression. Be sure that an employer can quickly understand who you are and what you have to offer.We recommend that you grab the hiring manager's attention with a brief overview of your most impressive and relevant strengths.
* Include your first and last name in the file name
* In order to prevent your resume from getting lost on a hiring manager’s computer, we recommend that you use both your first and last name in the file name of your resume. If you use a generic file name like“Resume{2}”, it makes it difficult for an employer to locate in their “my documents” folder. You should position yourself as the easy to hire candidate – easy to contact with an easy to find resume.
After you re-write your resume, don’t forget to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation before using it to apply for a position. More often than not, people overlook their own spelling andgrammatical errors. We recommend having several trusted friends and colleagues review your resume to verify that it is easy to understand and free of inconsistencies and minor mistakes. If you would like help re-writing your resume, just let us know.
Keep in mind that your resume is a marketing tool. You must display only the most pertinent and impressive pieces of your experience. cbResume,’s professional resume writing team, can prepare your resume to make a positive first impression. We are experts in the field and know how to craft a resume that will get you interviews.


Carlos, there are four distinct sections of a resume you need to consider when creating your document. You need to think about the Summary/Introduction section which consists ofthe information in the top ½ of the first page, your Content which includes job descriptions, qualifications, and achievements, Mechanics, and your overall Design and Formatting. I will specifically review each section below and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement where needed.
1. Summary / Introduction
Carlos, what I immediately noticed about your current resume is that it openswith an Objective statement. In today's highly competitive job market, starting your resume with an Objective statement is a very weak marketing tactic. Let's look at your statement, "Seeking a full-time position as a research & development engineer, which will allow me to utilize and enhance my knowledge and experience in electronic systems".Carlos, my first concern is that you statement speaksto what you want opposed to what YOU can OFFER a potential employer. There are so many strong candidates out there, do not let your resume land in the "no" pile because of a poor resume statement. Employers want to know "what can you do for me?" - Not "this is what I want from you." See the difference?
Remember, the first person to review your resume will most likely be a recruiter or human...
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