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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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My Little Smart trooper.

I’m so proud you’re my little smart trooper
You’re the best there is, you’re just super

How I wish I could stay home with you
I’ll sure miss all the things that we doYou will be in my thought night and day
Be real brave for your soldier away

I’ll ask God to be real close to you
And I want you to pray to Him too

Tell your friends I have gone to defendSo the freedom we have will not end

That’s my job as a soldier you see
I’m so proud I can help us stay free

Now there’s one thing I want you to do
When I come back home to see you

Have abig hug just waiting for me
Cause together again we will be

The sun is hidden from our sight,
The birds are sleeping sound;
'Tis time to say to all "Good night,"
And give a kiss all round.Good night, my father, mother dear;
Now kiss your little son;
Good night, my friends both far and near,
Good night to every one.

Good night, ye merry, merry birds;
Sleep well till morning light;I wish I understood your words;
Perhaps you sing, Good night.

To all my pretty flowers, good night;
You blossom while I sleep,
And all the stars that shine so bright
With you their watcheskeep.

Good night, Miss Puss; mind what I say,
And tell it to your kittens;
When you with little children play,
Put on your softest mittens.
The little boy’s good night.

Come here, my littleFido, too;
You always do what's right;
I wish I was as good as you;
My doggie dear, good night.

The moon is lighting up the skies
The stars are sparkling there;
'Tis time to shut our weary eyes,And say an evening prayer.

All the fear of war tugs deep inside
We must try our best, don’t be denied

Our proudest march to protect us all
In our country’s uniform, so tall

These bravesttroops bring an awesome sight
Determined to keep our freedom tight

I pray Dear God to stay by each one
And lead their way till their job is done

May our people keep our nation firm
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