Managing large classes

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Regional “Sala” 2nd July 2009 Andrea García Fieyra


Observe different classroom situations and discuss classroom management.
Think about alternative management techniques to use inlarge classes (or any class) to deal with behaviour problems.

State short term and long term objectives.

Previous considerations

 

What’s a large class?
What’s good classroommanagement? How should we deal with behaviour problems?

. . . It’s different for EVERYONE!!
 Teaching Styles
 Personality/Attitudes

 Students
 Institutions

 Not all managementstrategies are effective for

every teaching situation

Video Segments

Pedagogical planning

Classroom learning systems

 Dealing

with students behaviour

Before viewing.Preview vocabulary
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Established framework Classroom management Lesson plan template Consistency Sockeye Salmon Peer Reinforcement Diagnostic tests Agenda FacilitateConsequences Pedagogy Identifier Labeling Classroom logistics Proactive Vs Reactive

Before viewing. Preview vocabulary
              

Agenda Classroom logistics Classroommanagement Consequences Consistency Diagnostic tests Established framework Facilitate Identifier Labeling Lesson plan template Pedagogy Peer Reinforcement Proactive Vs Reactive Sockeye Salmon

Video segment1 “Pedagogical planning”
Teacher behaviour -Give Diagnostic Tests at the beginning in order to discover each student´s strengths and needs -Help students set their own learning goals and developlearning strategies that work well for them. -Think of students as having a range of abilities and as “works in progress”, avoid labelling such as “That student is smart. That one is stupid That onenever listens.” -Individualize interactions as much as possible (learn student names or use student identifiers such as name cards, so students feel important and feel that we know them). Planning...
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