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Mars, the Red Planet, is the fourth planet from the sun. Part of the telluric planets and is the farthest inner planet from the Sun .Is,in many ways, the most like Earth.

Tycho Brahemeasured the motion of Mars in the sky. The movement data allowed Kepler to find the elliptical nature of its orbit and determine the laws of planetary motion known as Kepler's laws.
Its part of theplanets above the earth, which are those that never pass between the Sun and Earth. Its Stages are poorly marked, a fact that is easy to prove geometrically.
Water in Mars

Frozen water existson Mars, phenomenon. Around some Martian craters seen a lobe-like formations.


Mars has two small natural satellites called Phobos and Deimos. Its orbit is very close to theplanet. It is believed that two captured asteroids.
Both satellites were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall.
Their names were placed in honor of the characters from Greek mythology who accompanied Ares(Mars in Roman mythology).
From the surface of Mars, the satellites move from west to east
Phobos is the larger of the two.

Mars was the Roman god of war and its Greek equivalent was calledAres.The red color of Mars, associated with blood, favored to be considered since ancient times as a symbol of the god of war. The star Antares, near the ecliptic in the constellation Scorpio, is namedas a rival of Mars.

The atmosphere is dense. Its has very strong winds and vast dust storms that sometimes engulf the entire planet for months. This wind is responsible for the existence of sanddunes in the Martian deserts. The clouds come in three colors: white, yellow and blue. The white clouds are condensed water vapor or carbon dioxide in polar latitudes. The yellow, hairy nature arethe result of dust storms and are composed of particles of size around 1 micron. The Martian sky is a soft pink salmon due to scattering of light by dust grains from soil fine ferruginous.
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