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Mechanical Engineering Stanford University


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Solution Manual for Introduction to Mechatronic Design

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Chapter 2 What’s a Micro?
1.1) Compile a list of at least 25 everyday objects that incorporate microcontrollers, microprocessors or digital signal processors. Cell phone Mp3 player Microwave oven PDA Automobiles (many!) Desktop computer Disk drives Digital camerasDishwashers Washing machines Ovens DVD players CD players Stereo receivers Electronic musical keyboards Computer keyboards Computer mice Network routers / wireless access points Laser Printers Ink Jet printer Navigation systems Bicycle computers Noise cancelling headphones Video cameras TVs


Using the internet, locate the data sheet for the Atmel ATmega128A microcontroller, and answer thefollowing: a) b) c) d) a) Does the ATmega128A have a von Neumann or a Harvard architecture? How much non-volatile Flash program memory is incorporated? How much volatile RAM data memory is incorporated? List at least 5 other important peripheral systems that are included (there are many more than 5!)

Harvard, but the data sheet doesn’t explicitly call this out. You need to study the block diagram to...
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