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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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In the last years, human being has modified the world, in specific the enviroment. The ecosystems are not the same as thousands years ago, there are lakes, forest, jungles that does not existanymore, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, all of this because of our way of living. With ¨way of living¨ I refer of daily activities the things we do, the food we eat, everything affects to ourplanet because we are disturbing the enviroment.

Nowadays is very common to listen in the news about the global warming wich is when earths temperature rises up because of the ¨greenhouse effect¨that happens when some gases in the atmosphere trap heat and they cannot escaped so it´s created the greenhouse effect.

In the Reading I learned how we can measure the impact on the enviroment,there are a lot of ways of doing it but according what I read the ¨foot print¨ is the best. I was first used in 1996 by William Rees.

The foot print is like the ¨amount¨of earth each human beingconsumed for living. In the chapter is written that the foot print of every person in 2003 was 2.2 ha. The thing is that the planet can´t hold that because it only can ¨offered¨ 1.8 ha per person.

Thefoot print can also be calculated by countries and is very helpful to know the resources that every nation has to provide their needs wich most of the time are more than the land can provide. But wedon´t see that, everyday we waste wáter, electricity, gas, we don´t care about littering, use the car even if the place we need to go is close I think that we have a problem with our culture we have tostart changing these Little details to make a difference. The activity that make grow our foot print is the burning fuel.

…How to maintain our way of living?
According to the Reading it´s supposedthat everything in earth can be regenerate, like the Woods, we can plant new tres, but the thing is we consumed really fas tour resources and earth is exhausted of it, it cannot be handle it.
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